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• Paper Rosie
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• Should I Come Home
• No One Will Ever Know
• The Best of Gene Watson, Volume 2
• Between This Time and The Next Time
• Old Loves Never Die
• Greatest Hits - 1982
• This Dream's On Me
• Sometimes I Get Lucky
• Heartaches, Love & Stuff
• Little by Little
• Texas Saturday Night
• Memories To Burn
• Greatest Hits - 1985
• Starting New Memories
• Honky Tonk Crazy
• Back in the Fire
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• Gene Watson: Gospel At Its Best
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• Memories to Burn & Starting New Memories
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Barrooms & Bedrooms: The Capitol & MCA Years
• Back in the Fire & At Last
• My Gospel Roots

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Gene Watson: 'My Gospel Roots' (Fourteen Carat Music, 2017)

'My Gospel Roots' (Fourteen Carat Music, 2017)
(Official Release Date: Friday 8 December 2017)

'Uncharted Mind'

Step One Records SOR-0079 (1993)

Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993) was released by Step One Records on Monday 6 December 1993.

Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993) discography information is presented on the Gene Watson Fan Site for educational purposes only and no infringement of copyright is intended.

About Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind'...

Album Sleeve Notes
'I'd like to especially thank Step One Records President and producer, Ray Pennington, and my manager, Allen Whitcomb, without whom this project would not be possible.

Also, thanks to Mel Holt and the rest of the SOR team, D.H., and Monterey Artists, who have all gone the extra mile for me and my music.

Thanks to radio, CMT (Country Music Television), TNN (The Nashville Network), Jim Owens and Associates, and R.K.O., all of whom have contributed to my career and to the entire music community.

Gene Watson.

This album, 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993), is dedicated to my fans, who have stuck with me through thick & thin'.

'It was around 1993 that Gene Watson became despondent and seriously considered quitting the country music industry for good.  He had no management at this time and felt that he didn’t have anything to look forward to.

Gene had not had a major hit song since 1989.  While he was considering retiring from the business he contributed so much to, a name was thrown at him, that of an old friend and booking agent by the name of Allen Whitcomb.

Gene Watson traveled to Nashville to meet with Allen Whitcomb.  The outcome of this meeting was the signing of a recording contract with veteran singer / songwriter / producer Ray Pennington's Step One Records in September 1993.

Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993) was Gene Watson’s debut album for Step One Records and the first single released from it was 'Snake in The House' (written by TW Hale and Royal Wade Kimes).

Gene Watson’s relationship with Ray Pennington at Step One Records was one of mutual respect and admiration.

Gene now wore less hats in the recording studio than he did in the 1970s and 1980s.  In the old days, Gene Watson was looking for material, organising the musicians and working on his own musical arrangements.

At Step One Records, Gene Watson simply arrived at the recording studio and Ray Pennington did all the rest.

The release of Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993) opened some doors for Gene Watson, in that some American country music radio stations were willing to add some if its tracks to their play-lists.  It very much appeared that Gene Watson was back from the dead in musical terms and that a revival of his career looked distinctly possible'.

Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993) was produced by Ray Pennington and was engineered by Kevin McManus.

Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993) and was recorded at Oak Valley Studio in Nashville.

'Uncharted Mind'
Step One Records SOR 0079 (1993)

1 'Glass Hearts'
Writer: Hap Hall
Publishers: Almarie Music, Inc. BMI

2 'Your Uncharted Mind'
Writer: Mel Holt
Publishers: Lyn Pen Publishing, Inc. BMI

Clinton Gregory recorded 'Your Uncharted Mind' (written by Mel Holt) and included the track on 'If It Weren't For Country Music, I'd Go Crazy' (Step One Records, 1991).

Clinton Gregory's 'If It Weren't For Country Music, I'd Go Crazy' also included 'Maybe I Should Have Been Listening', a track which was originally recorded by Gene Watson and included on 'Between This Time & The Next Time' (MCA Records, 1981).

3 'Snake in the House'
Writers: TW Hale and Royal Wade Kimes
Publishers: Life of the Record Music, Inc. ASCAP, Star Brand Music ASCAP

The Del McCoury Band recorded 'Snake in the House' (written by TW Hale and Royal Wade Kimes) and included the track on 'The Cold Hard Facts' (Rounder Records, 1996).

4 'Hold That Thought'
Writers: Ray Griff (Monday 22 April 1940 - Wednesday 9 March 2016) and Tommy Rocco
Publishers: Blue Melody Music ASCAP, Polygram International Tunes, Inc. SESAC

Myra Rolen recorded 'Hold That Thought', which was written by Ray Griff (Monday 22 April 1940 - Wednesday 9 March 2016) and Tommy Rocco, and included the track on 'Hold That Thought' (Pretty World Records, 2014).

5 'You Gave Me a Mountain'
Writer: Marty Robbins (Saturday 26 September 1925 - Wednesday 8 December 1982)
Publishers: Unichappell Music, Inc. BMI, Elvis Presley Music BMI, Mohave Music, Inc. BMI

This version of 'You Gave Me a Mountain', which was written by Marty Robbins (Saturday 26 September 1925 - Wednesday 8 December 1982), is a re-recording; the original version was included on Gene Watson's 'Paper Rosie' (Capitol Records, 1977).

6 'Simple Minded Heart'
Writers: Curt Ryle, Mel Tillis Junior and Donald Lee Burns
Publishers: Tillis Tunes, Inc., Carmen's Dream Publishing, BMI

7 'He's Back in Texas Again'
Writers: Troy Seals and Wayne Newton
Publishers: Warner / Tamerlane Publishing Corporation BMI, Warner Brothers Music Corporation, Two Sons Music ASCAP

8 'Cool Ole Fool'
Writer: Sanger D. 'Whitey' Shafer
Publishers: Milene Music, Inc. ASCAP

9 'Mirrors Don't Lie'
Writers: Curt Ryle and Billy Henderson
Publishers: Tillis Tunes Inc. BMI, Pier Five Music Inc. BMI

WC Edgar: 'Alcohol of Fame' (WC Edgar / Universal Vision Entertainment, 2008)

WC Edgar recorded 'Mirrors Don't Lie' (written by Curt Ryle and Billy Henderson) and included the track on 'Alcohol of Fame' (WC Edgar / Universal Vision Entertainment, 2008); the track featured guest vocals from Daryle Singletary.

10 'Give Her My Best'
Writers: Roger Ball and Debbie Hullett
Publishers: Almarie Music, Inc. BMI

• Read a Country Music People review of Gene Watson's 'Uncharted Mind' (Step One Records, 1993)

The review, which was written by Craig Baguley, was published in the February 1994 issue of the United Kingdom monthly publication Country Music People.

'Uncharted Mind'
Step One Records SOR 0079 (1993)

Musician Credits
Piano and Keyboard: Gary Prim
Synthesiser: Dirk Johnson
Steel Guitar: Buddy Emmons (Wednesday 27 January 1937 - Wednesday 29 July 2015)
Acoustic Guitar: Roger Ball, Bobby All (passed away on Thursday 19 March 2009) and Jimmy Capps
Electric Guitar: Kelly Back
Fiddle: Rob Hajacos
Bass Guitar: David Smith
Drums: Jerry Kroon
Background Vocals: John Wesley Ryles, Margie Cates, Debra Black and Ray Davis


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