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Gene Watson's Peers within the country music industry believe in the sheer talent of this unassuming man from east Texas, so much so that Gene is regarded by many of them as 'the singer's singer' - and rightly so!

All of Gene Watson's Peers, who were contacted during 2013, were most gracious with their time and words.

It is here, within this special part of The Gene Watson Fan Site, that you have an opportunity to read a quote from Henry Strzelecki, which he submitted to this site on Sunday 30 June 2013.

Sean Brady would like to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' to Henry Strzelecki who made a special contribution to this unique part of this online 'celebration of a Lone Star Hero'.

Sean Brady would also like to say 'thank you' to Richard Bell at Roots of Country Music for granting permission to use part of his feature on Henry Strzelecki for inclusion on this dedicated page.

Roots of Country Music was a site dedicated to the preservation and promotion of original country music (mid-1920s through to the late 1980s).  Richard Bell was the founder, CEO, creator, author and chief editor of Roots of Country Music.

Henry Strzelecki
This quote was submitted on Sunday 30 June 2013.

'Yes, I did work with Gene Watson.

I always thought that Gene was an excellent country singer and I do fondly remember working with him on two of his highly acclaimed album projects, one in the 1970s and another in the 1980s'.

Thank you, Henry Strzelecki,for your support of Gene Watson.

About Henry Strzelecki...

Henry Strzelecki was born on Tuesday 8 August 1939 in Birmingham, Alabama and has worked with Hank Garland (Tuesday 11 November 1930 - Monday 27 December 2004), gracing the recordings of Johnny Cash (Friday 26 February 1932 - Friday 12 September 2003), Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley (Tuesday 8 January 1935 - Tuesday 16 August 1977); Henry also worked with Chet Atkins (Friday 20 June 1924 - Saturday 30 June 2001) for twenty years.

As a Nashville session musician, Henry Strzelecki used a Fender Jazz bass on countless recordings. Henry played on hundreds of Billboard Top 10 hits, including 'Oh, Pretty Woman' (No.1 for three weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 pop music singles chart) from Roy Orbison (Thursday 23 April 1936 - Tuesday 6 December 1988) and 'He Stopped Loving Her Today' (No.1 on the Billboard country music singles chart for one week in July 1980) from George Jones (Saturday 12 September 1931 - Friday 26 April 2013).

Henry Strzelecki started out in country music in his teens, recording with songwriter Baker Knight (Tuesday 4 July 1933 - Wednesday 12 October 2005) on the Nashville-based label Decca Records in the mid-1950s. Henry Strzelecki played with his brother Larry in a group called The Four Flickers, which later became known as The Four Counts; they toured the American southern and border states in the late 1950s.

In December 1960, Henry Strzelecki moved to Nashville. Soon after arriving in Music City, he connected up with Hank Garland (Tuesday 11 November 1930 - Monday 27 December 2004).

After working an informal session with Hank Garland (Tuesday 11 November 1930 - Monday 27 December 2004), Bill Purcell and Buddy Harman (Sunday 23 December 1928 - Thursday 21 August 2008), Hank Garland offered Henry Strzelecki a job. At that time, Hank Garland had a small band which played at Jimmy Hyde’s Supper Club in Nashville's Printer’s Alley.

Henry Strzelecki started out on the upright bass, but a couple years later switched to electric bass. It was while working at Printer’s Alley that Henry met Chet Atkins (Friday 20 June 1924 - Saturday 30 June 2001).

'On Sunday nights, Chet would come in and play. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I hung around to meet him', Henry recalled. 'I listened to Chet on the radio when I was a kid down in Birmingham, Alabama. We would string a wire across the back yard so we could pick up WSM better. We’d use the clothesline connected to the radio. It worked great. So, I knew who Chet was. I just wanted to meet him because I always thought a lot of him. I appreciated and loved great guitar players. I always wanted to be one. I ended up playing bass for everyone else - you know how that goes. There are fewer bass players than guitarists.

Once I met Chet, he invited me to play with him on Sunday nights. He knew I needed a job and he heard me play with Hank. Bill Purcell and I played duets Monday through Thursday night. On Friday and Saturday, Hank and Buddy Harman joined us to form the band. Chet had some bass player for Sunday night. I cannot remember his name, but he wanted Sunday off to do other things. This is how I got the job with Chet'.

Henry Strzelecki worked with Hank Garland (Tuesday 11 November 1930 - Monday 27 December 2004) as a bass player in the early 1960s and subsequently worked for Chet Atkins (Friday 20 June 1924 - Saturday 30 June 2001) for more than a decade, both in the studio and on tour, which helped move Henry to the front ranks of Nashville's session players.

The list of recordings on which Henry Strzelecki has worked over the years, usually as bassist, is prodigious and encompasses the work of just about every country music artist to come out of Nashville since the early 1960s. Henry Strzelecki has been quoted in interviews that he has played on 10,000 recording sessions, including 100 No.1 singles. Henry Strzelecki was also a player in The Nashville A-Team.

The Nashville A-Team was a nickname given to a group of session musicians in Nashville, who earned wide acclaim in the 1950s and 1960s. They backed dozens of popular singers, including Elvis Presley (Tuesday 8 January 1935 - Tuesday 16 August 1977), Eddy Arnold, Patsy Cline (Thursday 8 September 1932 - Tuesday 5 March 1963), Jim Reeves (Monday 20 August 1923 - Friday 31 July 1964), Kitty Wells (Saturday 30 August 1919 - Monday 16 July 2012), Ray Price (Tuesday 12 January 1926 - Monday 16 December 2013) and many others.

The Nashville A-Team's members typically had backgrounds in country music, but were highly versatile.

Between December 1980 and Spring 1981, Henry Strzelecki briefly toured with Johnny Cash (Friday 26 February 1932 - Friday 12 September 2003). In late 1980, Joe Allen, who was also a bass player, departed the group and Henry joined the band for a short time. The following year, 1982, Henry Strzelecki left the band and Marty Stuart took over as bass player.

Henry Strzelecki also founded a publishing company in Nashville, which was very active during the 1970s and 1980s. In 1987, Henry Strzelecki was nominated for 'Bass Man of the Year' at the 23rd Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards.

Some of Henry Strzelecki's recording session work included the following:

Nashville, Monday 7 January 1963
Marty Robbins Recording Session for 'Smokin' Cigarettes and Drinkin' Coffee Blues'
Producers: Don Law and Frank Jones (Sunday 4 March 1928 - Thursday 3 February 2005)
Session Personnel: Marty Robbins (Saturday 26 September 1925 - Wednesday 8 December 1982) (vocal, guitar), Grady Martin, Jack Pruett, (guitar), Bill Pursell (piano), Henry Strzelecki (bass guitar) and Louis Dunn (drums)

Nashville, Wednesday 27 February 1963
Marty Robbins Recording Session for 'Man Walks Among Us'
Producers: Don Law and Frank Jones (Sunday 4 March 1928 - Thursday 3 February 2005)
Session Personnel: Marty Robbins (vocal, guitar), Grady Martin, Jack Pruett (guitar), Bill Pursell (piano), Henry Strzelecki (bass guitar) and Louis Dunn (drums)

Jack Clement Recording Studio, Nashville, 1975
'Love In The Hot Afternoon' (Capitol Records, 1975)
Producers: Russ Reeder and Bob Webster
Recording Engineer: Jim Williamson

Musician Credits
Rhythm Guitar: Tommy Allsup, Leon Rhodes and Charlie McCoy
Lead Guitar: Jimmy Colbart, Pete Wade and Dale Sellers
Steel Guitar: Lloyd Green
Dobro: Lloyd Green
Harmonica: Charlie McCoy
Marimba: Charlie McCoy and Kenny Malone
Piano: Hargus 'Pig' Robbins
Fiddle: Buddy Spicher
Bass: Joe Allen, Henry Strzelecki and Leon Rhodes
Drums: Kenny Malone, Jimmy Isabel and Buddy Harman (Sunday 23 December 1928 - Thursday 21 August 2008)
Horn: Jerry Tuttle
Voices: The Nashville Edition
Nashville, Monday 16 February 1976
Marty Robbins Recording Session for 'El Paso City'
Producer: Billy Sherrill
Session Personnel: Marty Robbins (vocal), Grady Martin, Jack Pruett, George Richey (guitar) and Henry Strzelecki (bass guitar)

Bradley's Barn, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Friday 9 March 1979
Loretta Lynn Recording Session for 'I've Got A Picture Of Us In My Mind'
Producer: Owen Bradley
Session Personnel: Loretta Lynn, Jordanaires (vocal), Harold Bradley (6-stribg electric bass guitar), Ray Edenton (acoustic guitar), Buddy Harman (drums), Hargus 'Pig' Robbins (piano), Henry Strzelecki (bass guitar), Harold Rugg (steel guitar) and Herman Wade (electric guitar)

Eleven Eleven Sound Studio, Nashville, 1987
'Honky Tonk Crazy' (Epic Records, 1987)
Producer: Billy Sherrill
Musician Credits
Guitar: Billy Sanford
Keyboards: Bobby Wood
Guitar: Dale Sellers
Steel Guitar: Weldon Myrick
Fiddle: Mark O'Connor
Drums: Kenneth Malone
Bass: Robert Wray
Lead Guitar: Jerry Kennedy
Harmonica: Terry McMillan
Piano: Hargus 'Pig' Robbins
Bass: Henry Strzelecki
Background Vocals: Hurshel Wiginton, Wendy Suits, Diane Tidwell and Louis Nunley

Lyle Lovett recorded Henry Strzelecki's 'Long Tall Texan' and included the track on 'Road To Ensenada' (MCA Records, 1996), which was released in June 1996.

On a sad note, Henry Strzelecki passed away on the morning of Monday 29 December 2014 having sustained injuries suffered in an accident near his home in Davidson County, Tennessee.

Henry Strzelecki (Tuesday 8 August 1939 - Monday 29 December 2014)

Follow Henry Strzelecki at facebook.com/basspicker0


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