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Exclusive PR / Publicity Representation of Gene Watson / Contact Scott Adkins at Adkins Publicity in Nashville

For exclusive PR / publicity representation of Gene Watson, contact Scott Adkins at Adkins Publicity in Nashville.

Gene Watson's Peers within the country music industry believe in the sheer talent of this unassuming man from east Texas, so much so that Gene is regarded by many of them as 'the singer's singer' - and rightly so!

All of Gene Watson's Peers, who were contacted during 2016, were most gracious with their time and words.

It is here, within this special part of The Gene Watson Fan Site, that you have an opportunity to read a quote from Artie Rodriguez, which he submitted to this site on Monday 3 October 2016.

Sean Brady would like to take this opportunity to say 'thank you' to Artie Rodriguez who made a special contribution to this unique part of this online 'celebration of a Lone Star Hero'.

Artie Rodriguez

Artie Rodriguez
This quote was submitted on Monday 3 October 2016.

'As a young traditional country artist, one of my honky tonk heroes has always been Gene Watson!

There will never be another one like him, he is the true definition of traditional country music!

Everyone knows when he steps on stage, you're going to get nothing but true country and how it was meant to be'

Thank you, Artie Rodriguez, for your support of Gene Watson.

About Artie Rodriguez...

Artie Rodriguez

Artie Rodriguez is a native of the beautiful panhandle of Florida.

Artie Rodriguez gets a lot of his musical influences from living in San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas for several years.

Artie Rodriguez's father's side of the family is from San Antonio and he has always been asked was he related to Texas & Grand Ole Opry star Johnny Rodriguez.

Artie Rodriguez is not related to Johnny Rodriguez, but loves to keep Johnny's songs alive in all his performances.

Staying true to his country music roots, Artie Rodriguez loves to entertain audiences by performing traditional country music.  Audiences and crowds all over love the way Artie Rodriguez inserts Spanish lyrics into his heart-felt country music songs.

In 1990, Artie Rodriguez began his musical career when he joined the country music group 'Young Country', who were from Opp in Alabama.  Artie Rodriguez was the lead vocalist, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for the band until 1995.

While with 'Young Country', Artie Rodriguez performed with several country music entertainers and opened concerts for artists, including Sammy Kershaw, Little Texas, John Anderson, Terry McBride (McBride & The Ride) and Neal McCoy.

Artie Rodriguez performed on 'Shotgun Red Show' in Nashville, at Texas Troubadour Theater.  Artie Rodriguez's performance was televised to over two million viewers on RFD-TV.  As an independent country music artist, Artie Rodriguez draws the attention of country music fans in the United States and overseas.

Clinton Gregory & Artie Rodriguez

Clinton Gregory & Artie Rodriguez

Artie Rodriguez has performed with several traditional country music artists, including Leona Williams, Clinton Gregory, Mark Chesnutt and Stonewall Jackson.

In March 2000, Artie Rodriguez wrote a song, 'Forget His Memories', in honour of his father Arthur Rodriguez, who was a former POW from the Korean War.

President Clinton’s support staff heard the song and chose Artie Rodriguez out of 1800 people to perform for 10,000 veterans at the 50th Anniversary Korean War Commemorative Ceremony, which was held in Washington DC in June 2000.

Artie Rodriguez then performed in Branson, Missouri at Dutton Theater for the annual Veteran’s Day concert.

ty Herndon

After performing in Branson, Artie Rodriguez began being noticed in Nashville and drew interest from country music artist Ty Herndon.

In April 2001, Artie Rodriguez toured with Ty Herndon for the next ten months.

In 2003, Artie Rodriguez won the North West Florida Regional Colgate Country Showdown and traveled to compete in the Mississippi State Finals.

In 2004, Artie Rodriguez was a finalist in the North East Florida Region of the 'Nashville Star' competition.

Artie Rodriguez: 'She Loves George Jones' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2011)

In 2011, Artie Rodriguez saw the release of 'She Loves George Jones' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2011), which included the following tracks:

'She Loves George Jones' (written by Artie Rodriguez) / George Jones (Saturday 12 September 1931 - Friday 26 April 2013)
'New Orleans Ladies'
'I just Can't Get Her Out of My Mind' (written by Larry Gatlin)
'I Don't know What She Said' (written by L. Turner)
'Roses I Promised You' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'Jealous Heart', which was written by Jenny Lou Carson (Wednesday 13 January 1915 - Saturday 16 December 1978)
'The Longer You Wait', which was written by Buck Owens (Monday 12 August 1929 - Saturday 25 March 2006)
'Everything But The Wings' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'Blood I Never Knew' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'My Heart's In San Antone' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'Ring On Her Finger' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'When I Look In Her Eyes'

Artie Rodriguez: 'I'll Give You Something to Drink About' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2014)

In 2014, Artie Rodriguez saw the release of 'I'll Give You Something To Drink About' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2014), which included the following tracks:

'You're Gonna Get It' (written by Gerald Smith and Kevin Denney)
'Honky Tonk Polygraph' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'I've Seen This Movie Before' (written by Gerald Smith and C. Biggers)
'I'll Give You Something To Drink About', which was written by Hank Cochran (Friday 2 August 1935 - Thursday 15 July 2010), Jerry Laseter and Mack Vickery (Wednesday 8 June 1938 - Tuesday 21 December 2004)
'Good Saddles Ain't Cheap' (written by Gerald Smith, Wynn Varble and Kevin Denney)
'The Other Side of The Moon' (written by L. Migliore)
'I'll Take Texas' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'Flowers' (written by Billy Yates and Monty Criswell)
'Daddy's Radio' (written by Billy Yates)
'Memory On Ice' (written by Artie Rodriguez and L. Migliore)
'Roxanne's Bayou' (written by Billy Yates)
'If I Were You', which was written by Red Lane (Thursday 2 February 1939 - Wednesday 1 July 2015) and Ray Whitley
'Here After' (written by Artie Rodriguez)
'For The Good Times' (written by Kris Kristofferson)

Personnel involved in the recording of Artie Rodriguez's 'I'll Give You Something To Drink About' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2014) included the following:

Tim Thompson (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, piano)

A.J. Thompson (drums)
Kirk Thompson (bass, background vocals)
Reggie Duncan (steel guitar)
Bobby Flores (fiddle)
Jenny Hammond (background vocals)
Andrew Ishee (piano)
Scottie French (lead guitar, rhythm guitar)

Country Music People: May 2014

In May 2014, Artie Rodriguez was honored by Country Music People on his latest album review, which received 4½ stars out of 5 stars.  Artie Rodriguez was also selected to be on the front cover of the May 2014 issue of Country Music People, along with a 5-page feature article as an upcoming artist keeping traditional country music alive today in an era of 'pop country'.

It was also in 2014 when Artie Rodriguez was chosen to perform on Clinton Gregory’s duet album, along with other country music artists, including Collin Raye, Leona Williams and John Anderson.

Artie Rodriguez: 'Borderline Fool' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2015)

In 2015, Artie Rodriguez saw the release of 'Borderline Fool' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2015), which included the following tracks:

'You're Gonna Love, Lovin' Me' (written by Jerry Salley and Gerald Smith)
'Borderline Fool' (written by Gerald Smith and L. Reed)
'Shy Ann' (written by Artie Rodriguez and Gerald Smith)
'If You Think It's Hard Leaving' (written by Gerald Smith and C. Kelly)
'Starting To Feel That Way' (written by Gerald Smith and L. Reed)
'All Heaven Broke Loose Last Night' (written by Gerald Smith and W. Perry)
'Apart' (written by B. Allyn and Gerald Smith)
'Forever, Now & Then', which was written by Gerald Smith, CG and Dennis Knutson () / this track was a duet with Leona Williams
'Just Look At Me' (written by C. Wayne and Gerald Smith)
'Get Used To It' (written by Gerald Smith, BY and John Northrup)
'Blood I Never Knew' (written by Artie Rodriguez and Gerald Smith)
'Neon Tan' (written by Gerald Smith, Bobby Marquez and D. DeSopo) / this track was a duet with Clinton Gregory

Personnel involved in the recording of Artie Rodriguez's 'Borderline Fool' (Artie Rodriguez Music, 2015) included the following:

Tim Thompson (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, piano)
A.J. Thompson (drums)
Kirk Thompson (bass, background vocals)
Reggie Duncan (steel guitar)
Bobby Flores (fiddle, mandolin, Spanish Guitar)
Jenny Hammond (background vocals)

Artie Rodriguex performing 'Fourteen Carat Mind', which was written by Dallas Frazier and Larry Lee Favorite (Saturday 6 January 1940 - Saturday 26 May 2001)

Gene Watson: 'Old Loves Never Die' (MCA Records, 1981)

Gene Watson's version of 'Fourteen Carat Mind', which was written by Dallas Frazier and Larry Lee Favorite (Saturday 6 January 1940 - Saturday 26 May 2001), was included on 'Old Loves Never Die' (MCA Records, 1981); the track was No.1 on the Billboard country music singles chart for one week in January 1982.

George Strait

Texas artist George Strait stated about Artie Rodriguez that 'It’s great to hear that there’s someone who still wears a cowboy hat performing real country and keeping it alive'

Ray Price (Tuesday 12 January 1926 - Monday 16 December 2013)

After watching a YouTube video of Artie Rodriguez performing 'For The Good Times' (written by Kris Kristofferson), Ray Price (Tuesday 12 January 1926 - Monday 16 December 2013) sent word to Artie Rodriguez a few months before he passed away stating 'It makes me feel so good to know that the younger generation of county music singers are helping keep my music alive'

Leona Williams

While opening a few concerts for Leona Williams, she stated 'Artie Rodriguez is such a great entertainer and singer.  I love to see he's continuing to keep traditional country music alive'

Twang Thang Music, Nashville, Tennessee & Waynesville, Ohio

Artie Rodriguez is affiliated with Twang Thang Music (Nashville, TN & Waynesville, OH) and performs country music throughout the South East region of the United States, where he continues to draw crowds at opry style theaters.

At the time of the acquisition of this Gene Watson 'Peer's Quote' from Artie Rodriguez, in October 2016, he had seen the release of his latest video, and single, 'If It Wasn't For The Badge', which was written by Artie Rodriguez and another former deputy sheriff, Tom Cooper.  The song was dedicated to law enforcement officers who had been killed in the line of duty.

When Artie Rodriguez is not performing or songwriting, he is making a living as a deputy sheriff, where he is often referred to as 'The Singing Deputy'.

Artie Rodriguez - 'Lawman By Day & Country Star By Night'

Artie Rodriguez

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