Gene Watson Peer’s Quote from Dallas Wayne: November 2005

Gene Watson’s Peers within the country music industry believe in the sheer talent of this unassuming man from east Texas, so much so that Gene is regarded by many of them as ‘the singer’s singer’ – and rightly so!

All of Gene Watson’s Peers, who were contacted by The Gene Watson Fan Site, during 2005, were most gracious with their time and words.

It is here, within this special part of The Gene Watson Fan Site, that you have an opportunity to read a quote from Dallas Wayne, which he submitted to this site on Monday 21 November 2005.

Sean Brady would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Dallas Wayne who has made a special contribution to a unique part of this online ‘celebration of a Lone Star Hero’.

Dallas Wayne

Dallas Wayne
This quote was submitted on Monday 21 November 2005.

‘It would be an honour to provide a quote about Gene.

I owe a huge debt to Gene Watson, along with Merle Haggard (Tuesday 6 April 1937 – Wednesday 6 April 2016), George Jones (Saturday 12 September 1931 – Friday 26 April 2013), Johnny Paycheck (Tuesday 31 May 1938 – Wednesday 19 February 2003) and Mel Street (Monday 21 October 1935 – Saturday 21 October 1978).

Through his records, he taught me how to sing country music.

Gene Watson is one of the rare talents that make it sound easy.

I guess that’s why I have always been such a huge fan.

His way of making you believe what he’s singin’ is a rare gift that is lacking in most of the country music artists today.

From the very beginning with ‘Love In The Hot Afternoon‘ to ‘Farewell Party‘ and ‘Fourteen Carat Mind‘, through to the new album ‘Gene Watson: Then & Now‘ (Koch Records Nashville, 2005), he continues to still teach us all what a great singer oughta be.

Gene, I’m your biggest fan’

Thank you, Dallas Wayne, for your support of Gene Watson.

About Dallas Wayne…

Dallas Wayne, who is a native of Springfield, Missouri began performing professionally in 1975 and, by the age of eighteen, he had toured throughout the entire United States and Canada.

After moving to Nashville, Dallas Wayne further developed his vocal style singing demos for many of the top publishing houses in the music industry.

While touring Europe in 1991, Dallas Wayne forged a deal with Texicalli Records in Finland and was signed to record an album.

One album soon became six and Dallas Wayne decided to move to Scandinavia in 1996, where he was contracted as a staff writer for Warner / Chappell Music.

After four years living and touring in Europe, Dallas Wayne returned to the United States and settled in northern California.  Within one month of his return, Dallas Wayne signed a record deal with Hightone Records.

In addition to recording two albums of his own on Hightone Records, Dallas Wayne was a part of the honky-tonk super-group, The Twang Bangers.

In early 2003, Dallas Wayne moved to Austin, Texas where he enjoyed a vibrant country music scene.

In 2005, Dallas Wayne saw the release, on Koch Records Nashville, of ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’ (Koch Records Nashville, 2005), the same record label which released Gene Watson’s ‘Gene Watson: Then & Now‘ (Koch Records, 2005).

Dallas Wayne’s ‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’ (Koch Records Nashville, 2005) included the following tracks:

‘3:30 In The Afternoon’
‘I’m Your Biggest Fan’
‘Junior Samples’
‘Under The Overpass’
‘It’s All Over, All Over Town’
‘She’s Good To Go’
‘You Can Count On Me’
‘Tell It To The Jukebox’
‘Crank The Hank’
‘Still Know How To Cry’
‘Downhill Slide’

In mid-2005, Dallas Wayne embarked on a new facet of his career, when he joined the family of on-air personalities in ‘Outlaw Country’, Channel 63 on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio.

In the Spring 2006, Dallas Wayne added a second radio show to his already busy schedule; he signed on as presenter and program / music director at KHYI 95.3 FM in Dallas, Texas.

In recognition of Dallas Wayne’s work at KHYI 95.3 FM in Dallas, Texas, the Academy of Western Artists presented him with a ‘Will Rogers Award for Classic Country Major Market DJ of The Year’ for 2006.

In early 2007, Dallas Wayne expanded his time on the air at SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio, adding a weekly ‘Deep in The Heart of Texas’ Saturday night program in ‘Outlaw Country’.

By mid-2007, Dallas Wayne regrettably gave up his work at KHYI 95.3 FM in Dallas, Texas in order to focus on his Country music career and SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio.

Since the completion of the SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio merger, Dallas Wayne could be heard on the air daily in ‘Outlaw Country’, as well as at ‘Willie’s Place’, the Texas-based honky-tonk channel.

In addition to his radio career, song-writing and performing around Austin, Dallas Wayne continued to tour the United States and Europe.

Steff Nevers recorded Dallas Wayne’s ‘You Can Count On Me’ and included the track on ‘Ain’t No Bad Life’ (AGR Television Records, 2011).

On Saturday 8 August 2015, The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame honoured it’s 2015 inductee Tracy Byrd; Dallas Wayne was inducted into The Disc Jockey Hall of Fame on the same day.  The 18th annual awards show was held at Carthage Texas Civic Center and was emceed by Hall of Fame member Neal McCoy.

Dallas Wayne: 'Songs The Jukebox Taught Me' (Heart of Texas Records, 2016)

In 2016, Dallas Wayne saw the release of ‘Songs The Jukebox Taught Me’ (Heart of Texas Records, 2016), which was produced by Dallas Wayne and Tommy Detamore, and included the following tracks:

‘Your Time’s Comin’, which was written by Kris Kristofferson and Shel Silverstein (Thursday 25 September 1930 – Monday 10 May 1999) / this track featured guest vocals from Willie Nelson

‘Who’ll Turn Out The Lights In Your World Tonight’, which was written by Mack Vickery (Wednesday 8 June 1938 – Tuesday 21 December 2004) and Wayne Kemp (Sunday 1 June 1941 – Monday 9 March 2015)

‘A Dime At A Time’, which was written by Dottie Bruce and Jerry Donald Chesnut (Thursday 7 May 1931 – Saturday 15 December 2018)

‘Yesterday’s Gone’ (written by Chad Stuart and Wendy Kidd) / this track featured guest vocals from Paula Nelson

‘Sea of Heartbreak’, which was written by Hal David (Wednesday 25 May 1921 – Saturday 1 September 2012) and Paul Hampton

‘Devil In The Bottle’ (written by Bobby David)

‘Three Days’, which was written by Faron Young (Thursday 25 February 1932 – Tuesday 10 December 1996) and Willie Nelson

‘No Relief In Sight’, which was written by Eugene David Dobbins (Monday 19 March 1934 – Sunday 23 November 2008), Johnny Wilson and Rory Bourke

‘It Just Doesn’t Seem To Matter’ (written by Jeannie Seely) / this track featured guest vocals from Jeannie Seely

‘Skip A Rope’, which was written by Glenn Douglas Tubb (Saturday 29 June 1935 – Saturday 22 May 2021) and Jack Moran

‘Eleven Roses’ (written by Darrell McCall and Lamar Morris) / this track featured guest vocals from Darrell McCall and Mona McCall

‘Sun Comin’ Up’, which was written by Nat Stuckey (Sunday 17 December 1933 – Wednesday 24 August 1988) / On Saturday 25 January 2014, Ann M. Stuckey submitted a ‘Peer’s Quote’ about Gene Watson

‘She Always Got What She Wanted’ (written by Jeannie Seely)

‘Stop The World & Let Me Off’, which was written by Carl Robert Belew (Tuesday 21 April 1931 – Wednesday 31 October 1990) and W.S. Stevenson (1900 – 1978)

Personnel involved in the recording of Dallas Wayne’s ‘Songs The Jukebox Taught Me’ (Heart of Texas Records, 2016) included the following:

Kevin Smith (acoustic bass, electric bass, vocals)
Redd Volkaert (acoustic guitar, electric guitar)
Tom Lewis (drums)
Hank Singer (fiddle)
Bobby Flores (fiddle, viola, strings, vocals)
T. Jarrod Bonta (piano)
Tommy Detamore (steel guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, baritone guitar, Dobro, organ, percussion)
Amber Digby, Dallas Wayne, Darrell McCall, Jeannie Seely, Mona McCall, Paula Nelson, Randy Lindley and Willie Nelson (vocals)

Dallas Wayne

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