Gene Watson Announces 60th Anniversary Tour: Thursday 13 January 2022

Gene Watson

On Thursday 13 January 2022Gene Watson announced a 60th Anniversary Tour, to celebrate the Sun Valley Records release, in 1962, of ‘If It’s That Easy’ (written by Ray Whitlock), his first single.

Gene Watson 60th Anniversary Tour: Saturday 15 January 2022

2022 marks 60 years since country music legend, Gene Watson, released his first single to radio.  To celebrate, the iconic vocalist is embarking on his 60th Anniversary Tour, which kicked off, on Saturday 1 January 2022 in Florida, and will take Gene Watson across the United States.

Gene Watson‘s single, ‘If It’s That Easy’ (written by Ray Whitlock), was released to radio in 1962 via Sun Valley Records.  Since then, the ‘singer’s singer’ has charted 75 titles, including 23 Top 10 hits, six No.1 country singles, and five No.1 Gospel records.

The Texas native continues to perform to sold-out crowds, singing in the same key as he did more than five decades ago and thrilling fans with his famous octave jumping ending to ‘Farewell Party’, which was written by Lawton Williams (Monday 24 July 1922 – Thursday 26 July 2007), night after night.

Gene Watson's first single, 'If It's That Easy' (written by Gene Watson) (Sun Valley Records, 1962)

‘My first single, ‘If It’s That Easy’ (written by Gene Watson), was released in 1962, on Sun Valley Records.  I wasn’t ever signed to a company called Sun Valley Records; Sun Valley was just the name of the street the drummer lived on.  I’d never heard myself on the radio before, so I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it the first time on a local Houston radio station.  I had only heard my voice in playback on speakers, never on an AM radio station, so it was fun to hear that.

Of course, I’m never quite satisfied with most of my recordings.  I always hear something I think I could do better and I felt that I could have done better – but it was my very first and so for that reason, it will always be special to me’

Additionally, Gene Watson has been in the studio, working on his new project, which is due to be released in late 2022.

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