Gene Watson, Behind The Scenes in the 1970s: Monday 25 July 2022

Gene Watson

On Monday 25 July 2022, Gene Watson reflected on promotional photos, which were taken in the late 1970s.

Gene Watson promotional photogragh for Capitol Records in the 1970s

‘I came across this old Capitol Records photo from the 1970s and, as you can see by my expression, having to sit for hours, and taking publicity photos is one of my least favourite parts of this music business.

I could stay in a studio 24/7 and never be tired of it, but watching a photographer adjust lighting over and over to get what seems to be the exact same shot, just wears me out.

Gene Watson: 'Should I Come Home' (Capitol Records, 1979)

Now, this other photo from the album cover of my 1979 release, ‘Should I Come Home‘ (Capitol Records, 1979), always makes me laugh.  The photographer asked me to sit at the bar of the old Nashville ‘Sutler’s’, which was a Music Row hangout.

They put a beer in front of me and every time they had to stop and adjust lighting or whatever, I had a few sips of that beer.  I can tell you there were a few glasses of beer consumed during that long photo shoot.  It was still a long day, but a little more pleasant than other photo shoots.

Bar stools should come with a seat belt and maybe some insurance’

Adkins Publicity, Nashville
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