Gene Watson Fan Site Remembers David Turner: September 2019

Josh Turner

It is with a heavy heart that Sean Brady at Gene Watson’s Ireland-based, and approved, Fan Site reports that Josh Turner‚Äôs longtime sound engineer, David Turner, has been identified as a victim in a fatal bus crash.

David Turner

David Turner, 64, of Oxford, Mississippi, who was unrelated to Josh Turner, was killed when the bus suddenly veered off Highway 46 near Shandon, California late Wednesday (18 September 2019), hurtling about 20 feet off the road, before plunging down an embankment.

Josh Turner and his band were on a different bus and were not involved in the crash.

David Turner

David Turner worked with sound as a member of Josh Turner‚Äôs tour crew.

David Turner was part of Josh Turner’s crew for nearly 14 years, and previously worked for a number of country music artists, including Patty Loveless, Tammy Wynette (Tuesday 5 May 1942 РMonday 6 April 1998), Bailie & The Boys, and Eddie Rabbitt (Thursday 27 November 1941 РThursday 7 May 1998).

Fire officials stated that a total of seven other occupants of the bus were injured, two of which were classified as major.

Drugs and alcohol have been ruled out as a possible cause for the crash, with the California Highway Patrol looking to possible mechanical problems with the bus.

In the wake of the crash, Josh Turner postponed the rest of his September 2019 tour dates.

Josh Turner

On Tuesday 3 March 2015, Sean Brady at Gene Watson’s Ireland-based, and approved, Fan Site contacted David Turner through his LinkedIn profile, and made an inquiry with regard to the acquisition of a ‘Peer’s Quote’ about Gene Watson, from Josh Turner.

David Turner graciously forwarded Sean Brady’s request to Josh Turner‘s management team, and a subsequent quote about Gene Watson, from Josh Turner, was received on Friday 6 March 2015.

Sean Brady said ‘thank you’ to David Turner, Monitor Engineer at Josh Turner Enterprises, because he felt that, without David Turner’s assistance, the Gene Watson ‘Peer’s Quote’ from Josh Turner, would not have been possible.

Sean Brady at Gene Watson’s Ireland-based, and approved, Fan Site sends deepest condolences to the family and friends of David Turner.