Gene Watson Is Solid Country States Country Music People’s David Allan: April 2022

Country Music People: April 2022

In the April 2022 issue of the United Kingdom’s highly influential monthly publication, Country Music People, David Allan, through a piece on ‘The David Allan Page’, reflected on Gene Watson being ‘solidly country’.

‘No-one could ever think of Gene Watson as anything but solid country and it’s good to note that Gene is back touring and recording again after a lengthy spell of ill health, culminating with a nasty bout of double pneumonia.

Diane Diekman

He tells my colleague, Diane Diekman, that he feels he’s hotter than he was twenty years ago!  ‘I’m a little bit older, maybe a little bit wiser and the Good Lord has gifted me with the voice’.

Gene Watson: 'If It's That Easy' (written by Gene Watson) (Sun Valley Records, 1962)

2022 marks sixty years since Gene released his first single, ‘If It’s That Easy’ (written by Gene Watson) (Sun Valley Records, 1962), and he’s currently putting the finishing touches to a new album for his own label, Fourteen Carat Music.

‘I’ve got most of the music down and will be back in Nashville shortly to finish it all’.

Hopefully the album will be ready next month (May 2022).

Those of us lucky enough to have seen him on stage will appreciate that Gene is a ‘no gimmicks’ country artist.

He believes his music should take centre stage just like George Jones (Saturday 12 September 1931 – Friday 26 April 2013), Charley Pride (Friday 18 March 1934 – Saturday 12 December 2020), Merle Haggard (Tuesday 6 april 1937 – Wednesday 6 April 2016), Randy Travis and the like.

‘If you want a big show’, he says, ‘I’m not the one to come and see.  But if you appreciate a good song, well sung, then you won’t be disappointed’.

It must be at least five years since I last saw Gene in the United Kingdom but he hasn’t forgotten us and hopes to be undertaking some overseas gigs very soon.

I’ve always judged a real country star by the way he or she treats their fans.  Gene is of the old school and is willing to spend time after a show until the very last autograph book has been signed and selfie has been taken’

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David Allan is a broadcaster, journalist, television continuity announcer and radio presenter.

David Allan has presented ‘Country Club’ on BBC Radio 2, country music programming for BBC Television, and has been involved in country music for more than 50 years.

David Allan graciously contributed a ‘Peer’s Quote’ about Gene Watson, on Monday 12 September 2008.

Country Music People

David Allan is a columnist for ‘The David Allan Page’ in the United Kingdom’s highly respected Country Music People.