Gene Watson Recalls A Tour Bus Incident In 2011

Gene Watson and his tour bus in late November 2022

On Sunday 7 January 2024, Gene Watson recalled a road incident while touring in 2011.

Gene Watson tour bus in 2011

‘I can’t recall if the exact year was 2011, but it was around then that our bus almost turned over on the way to a job in Sandstone, MN.

That’s my cousin, Drop, who drove for us at the time, waiting for help to come.

We were driven off the road by a huge truck that wouldn’t slow down on that narrow road, and the road crumbled on our side, causing us to go over.

Thankfully no one was hurt.

We had to crawl out through the windows.

GPS led us to that road!

Never a dull moment on tour, but don’t want to do that again’

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