Gene Watson Takes Over Whiskey Jam in Nashville: Monday 22 August 2022

Gene Watson

On Monday 22 August 2022, Gene Watson took over Whiskey Jam in Nashville in order to promote his new album project, ‘Outside The Box (Fourteen Carat Music, 2022).

Gene Watson & The Farewell Party Band at Whiskey Jam in Nashville on Monday 22 August 2022

On the night of Monday 22 August 2022, it was a ‘Gene Watson Takeover’ at Whiskey Jam in Nashville.
‘I appreciated all the fine artists who came out to participate.  It was wall-to-wall, standing room only, and made for an exciting night with young artists like Wynn Williams, Joedi Silver, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Josh Ross plus dear friends, Erin Enderlin and Dailey & Vincent.

I also thank the many industry folks and journalists who came out for the show.

Dailey & Vincent: 'Let’s Sing Country' (BMG, 2022)
Gene Watson: 'Outside The Box' (Fourteen Carat Music, 2022)

Dailey & Vincent are releasing their new album, ‘Let’s Sing Country’ (BMG, 2022) on Friday 16 September 2022, the same day I’m releasing my new album, ‘Outside The Box‘ (Fourteen Carat Music, 2022), so be sure you get yourself a copy of both, if you want some real country music’

Gene Watson: 'Outside The Box' (Fourteen Carat Music, 2022)

Outside The Box‘ (Fourteen Carat Music, 2022)

Gene Watson’s ‘Outside The Box‘ (Fourteen Carat Music, 2022), which was produced by Dirk Johnson for DirkWorks Productions, will be officially released by Fourteen Carat Music on Friday 16 September 2022.

Gene Watson’s ‘Outside The Box‘ (Fourteen Carat Music, 2022)
Track Listing

1 ‘If I Had Any Pride Left At All’ (written by John Greenebaum, Troy Seals and Eddie Setzer)
‘If She Only Knew’ (written by Ernie Rowell)
3 ‘Wonderful Future’ (written by Willie Nelson) / this track featured guest vocals from Willie Nelson
4 ‘Lie To Me’, which was written by Brook Benton (Saturday 19 September 1931 – Saturday 9 April 1988) and Margie Singleton
‘Some Fools’ (written by Skip Ewing and Donny Kees)
6 ‘I’m Holding Your Memory (& He’s Holding You)’, which was written by Carl Robert Belew (Tuesday 21 April 1931 – Wednesday 31 October 1990) and Van Givens
7 ‘I’ve Got One of Those Too’ (written by Jimmy Melton and Erin Enderlin) / this track is a duet with Rhonda Vincent
‘They Played It’ (written by Erin Enderlin and Jim ‘Moose’ Brown)
‘The Blues Are Alive & Well’ (written by Erin Enderlin, Jim ‘Moose’ Brown and Shane McAnally)
10 ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ (written by Joe Allen and Jimmy Ray Sells)
11 ‘It Looked Good On Paper’ (written by Carl Jackson and Pam Tillis)
12 ‘Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive’, which was written by Hank Cochran (Friday 2 August 1935 – Thursday 15 July 2010)

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