Gene Watson Peer’s Quote from Rick Stancil: October 2012

Gene Watson’s Peers within the country music industry believe in the sheer talent of this unassuming man from east Texas, so much so that Gene is regarded by many of them as ‘the singer’s singer’ – and rightly so!

All of Gene Watson’s Peers, who were contacted during 2012, were most gracious with their time and words.

It is here, within this special part of The Gene Watson Fan Site, that you have an opportunity to read a quote from Rick Stancil, which he submitted to this site on Wednesday 10 October 2012.

Sean Brady would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to Rick Stancil who made a special contribution to this unique part of this online ‘celebration of a Lone Star Hero’.

Rick Stancil

Rick Stancil
This quote was submitted on Wednesday 10 October 2012.

‘Gene Watson is one of the great country music singers of our time.

His voice is smooth with real country roots.

He has given country listeners pure country at its best.

God bless you, Gene’

Thank you Rick Stancil, for your support of Gene Watson.

About Rick Stancil…

Rick Stancil

Rick Stancil was born on Friday 29 September 1961 in Houston, Texas and was raised in Tomball, Texas by Lowery and Edwina Stancil.

Rick Stancil was the third child of five growing up in a family with parents that played bluegrass music.

It was not until Rick Stancil was twenty-one years old when he began to sit in and play with his parents’ bluegrass band.

This was when he realised his love for music.  It was at twenty-one years old when his father gave him a guitar and began teaching him how to play.  When he was twenty-three years old, Rick Stancil hooked up with singer / songwriter Lance McCarty and played venues from California to Las Vegas.

In 1993, Rick Stancil saw the release of his first song, ‘Paris’, which was a track included on ‘Blue Monday Morning’ (1993), his debut album; the track reached No.9 on the Texas Country Music Chart.

Rick Stancil: 'Rick Stancil' (Armadillo Records, 1996)

In 1996, Rick Stancil saw the release of ‘Rick Stancil’ (Armadillo Records, 1996), which included the following tracks:

‘Boys You Gotta Learn To Dance’
‘Damn Good Drinking Song’ / this track had the honour of becoming the No.10 song of the decade in the 1990s in Texas
‘She’s Easy To Miss’
‘Laws of Love’
‘Where Did We Go Wrong’
‘You’re In Love With The Wrong Man’
‘Blue Monday Morning’
‘Can’t Go On Holding Her Like This’
‘Falling Again’

Rick Stancil: 'A Walk to Remember' (Diamond Music Group, 2012)

In December 2012, Rick Stancil saw the release of ‘A Walk To Remember’ (Diamond Music Group, 2012); the lead off single was ‘A Walk To Remember’ (written by Rick Stancil), which reached No.1 on the Christian Country Chart twice in seven months.

Rick Stancil’s ‘A Walk To Remember’ (Diamond Music Group, 2012), also included the following tracks:

‘The Grass Ain’t Always Greener’
‘Lying Look In Your Eyes’
‘Falling Hard For You’
‘Baby, Where Did We Go Wrong’
‘Most Wanted Women’
‘Elementary Thing’
‘Don’t Mess With My Baby’
‘Any Port In The Storm’
‘Why Don’t You Go There’
‘Why Do I Miss You All The Time’
‘Let’s Make A Memory’
‘Restless Wind’

At the time of the acquisition of this Gene Watson ‘Peer’s Quote’, in October 2012, Rick Stancil enjoyed recording in his own recording studio and working as a flight nurse.  Rick Stancil has stayed in the medical field because of his love in helping people.

Rick Stancil

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